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    Maa Kamakhya is a shakti of Shiva and she is a goddess of tantra. All tantrik in this world devotee her. She gave him power of tanatra n meditation. She is Adhi Vidhya and Mahashakti. Her temple is situated in Assam.Maa Kamakhya, temple is situated on Nilachal Hill in Guwahati, which is away from eight km west of the city. This temple honour the Mother Goddess Kamakhya, the essence of female energy. It is one of the 108 Shakti Peethas of Maa Aadishakti. Legend has it that Kamakhya came into existence when Lord Shiva was carrying the corpse of his wife Sati, and her "yoni" (female genitalia) fell to the ground at the spot where the temple now stands.

    ~~~~Pranam Mantra~~~~ "kamakhye kaam sampane kamesvari hari priye kaamnaam dehi me nityem kaamesvari namostute".

    The temple is a natural cave with a spring. Down a flight of steps to the bowel of earth, is located a dark, mysterious chamber. Here, draped with a silk sari and covered with flowers, is kept the "mantra yoni". The most Important three days festival observed here is the Ambuvaci (Amite) fertility festival where in it is believed that the Goddess (mother Earth) undergoes her menstrual period. It’s happen every year last week of June that’s called Ambuvachi. It’s a great tantrik festival for Maa Kamakhya devotee. .

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    Painting of the Das Mahavidyas from Ragarajpur, Orissa

    The Das Mahavidyas (Daasha Mahaavidyaa / Dasa Mahavidya) are the ten beautiful and ferocious Great Wisdom Goddesses of the Hindu Shakta tradition.

    They are powerful as individual Goddesses, and as a group they may be considered emanations of Kali, among whose many identities is Sri Sri Kamakhya Devi.

    At the Sri Sri Kamakhya Temple complex on Nilachal Hill in Assam, Northeast India, there are many temples. Chief amongst them are the temples to Kamakhya herself, and to each of the Mahavidyas.

    Worship of these Mahavidyas at Kamakhya is unique and unlike other Tantric traditions, and here at the Sri Kamakhya Mahavidya Mandir in Northern California, we use this same approach with the blessing of the elders at the Sri Sri Kamakhya Temple.

    While much of their worship is unknown to those outside the tradition, there are a number of ways to approach these powerful Devis as a simple devotee – particularly through song and mantra. Each Devi has at least one (sometimes two) pranama mantra – that is, a mantra that is used for offering reverence and respect to a particular form of Devi. If you have a small shrine to any or all of the Das Mahavidya in your home, use these mantras to invoke the particularly potent energies of these Devis as they are manifested at our beloved Sri Sri Kamakhya Temple.

    NOTE: The Das Mahavidyas are listed here in their name and order of emanation according to the Kamakhya tradition. This may be similar or very different to lists you have seen elsewhere, and most or even all of these mantras may be new to you in some way. Worship at Kamakhya is ancient and unique, and so these differences are to be expected. Every parampara (guru lineage) has its own recognized versions mantras and stotras that have been passed down through the ages.

    Consider this set of mantras a divine gift from Kamakhya Devi to add to your understanding and love of MAA!

    Update (October 2011): Due to popular demand, we updated and included the devanagari and diacritic spelling of these mantras in image format so that all platforms can access it; however, we apologize that some spelling errors have been made in the devanagari. These have been noted and are being fixed as we get time to work on it… please refer to the transliteration for most accuracy. Jai MAA!

    1. Kali (She Who is Black and Beyond Time)

    namo dirghesvarim devim sarvakama phalapradam | dirghakara kundayuktam siddhim yaccha suresvari ||


    kali kali mahakali kalike papanasini | khadga haste munda haste kali kali namostu te ||

    2. Tara (She Who Helps One to Cross Over)

    pratyalidhapade ghore mundamala pasovite | kharve lambodari bhime ugratara namostu te ||


    pratyalidhapade ghore mundamala pasovite | kharve lambodari bhime astatara namostu te ||

    3. Kamakhya (The Renowned Source and Fulfillment of Desire)

    Kamakhya is closely identified with Shodashi (She Who is Sixteen)/Maha Tripura Sundari (Great Beautiful One of the Three Cities/Qualities), and is also closely identified with Kali in the Kalika Purana, Yogini Tantra, and Kamakhya Tantra.

    kamakhyam kamasampannam kamesvarim harapriyam | kamanam dehi me nityam kamesvari namostu te ||


    kamakhye varade devi nilaparvata vasini | tvam devi jagatam mata yonimudre namostu te ||

    4. Bhuvaneshwari (Beloved Goddess Whose Body is the Earth)

    bhuvanesim mahamayam suryamandalarupinim | namami varadam suddham kamakhyarupinim sivam

    5. Bhairavi (The Terrible One)

    mahapadmavanantasthe paramanandavigrahe | sabdabrahmamaye svacche vande tripurabhairavim ||

    6. Chinnamasta (She Who Severs Her Own Head)

    guptadurge mahabhage guptapapapranasini | saptajanmarjitat papat trahi mam saranagatam ||


    namaste guptakamakhye tubhyam trailokyapujite | prayacche vividham siddhim nityam devi sivapriye ||

    7. Dhumavati (She Who Emanates Smoke)

    devim kotesvarim suddhampapaghnim kamarupinim | namami muktikamaya dehi muktim harapriye ||

    8. Bagalamukhi / Bagala (She Whose Face is Captivating)

    prapadye saranam devim srikamakhya suresvarim | sivasya dayitam suddham kamakhyam kamarupinim ||

    9. Matangi (The Elephant or Outcaste Goddess)

    Matangi is closely identified with and is the Tantric form of Sarasvati (She Who Flows Continuously). While the energies of Sarasvati are focused externally on learning, academics, language, and the arts, Matangi’s energies are focused intensely inward, on deeper wisdom.

    sarasvatyaya namo nityam bhadrakalyaya namo namah | vedavedantavedanga vidyasthanebhya eva ca ||

    10. Kamala (The Lotus)

    Kamala is closely identified with and is the Tantric form of Lakshmi (She Who Achieves All Objectives).

    sadacara priye devi suklapuspamvarapriye | gomayadisuciprite mahalaksmi namostu te ||

    This is the first time these mantras have appeared together online for the sake of all devotees everywhere in the world. Many thanks to Sri Jadu Nath Sarma for his work in compiling these mantras for publication.

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